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5 Tips for a Relaxed Photoshoot

These tips for a relaxed photoshoot with your family and the featured portraits were contributed by Spring, TX photographer Lauren Widener Portraits.

If you and your family are gearing up for a photoshoot and aiming for those effortless, relaxed and beautifully happy moments, you are in the right place! Photographers understand that the camera can sometimes feel intimidating. Fear not! In this article you will find five simple, practical tips that will guide you through a relaxed photoshoot that radiate joy and authenticity.

1. Let’s capture you and your family actively relaxing!

First and foremost, relaxation is the key to natural and beautiful family photos. We don’t want stiff poses and forced smiles. Instead, focus on actively relaxing during your photoshoot. Try taking deep breaths, physically shake off any tense muscles, and then trust that your photographer’s lens will capture the beautiful, genuine moments that will naturally flow when you are at ease with your loved ones. Remember, we want to capture your family’s true essence. That will shine brightest when everyone is acting relaxed and comfortable. Don’t forget, children will usually follow their parent’s lead.

2. Interact the way your family usually does:

Why change an already good thing? Go ahead and embrace the dynamics and ways of relating that already characterize your family. Whether it’s a shared laugh, playful siblings or that knowing glance between parents, don’t hesitate to let those natural moments happen. The goal is always to document and capture the connections that make your family individual and special. Therefore be yourselves. Let that authenticity shine through. It’s a beautiful thing!

3. Think and talk about happy things during your relaxed photoshoot:

Joy and happiness is contagious, and it certainly translates beautifully on camera. Take the time to think and talk about the things that bring joy to your family. Do this during your relaxed photoshoot and even before to get everyone in a good mood. Share jokes, share stories, reminisce about happy memories, or even discuss future exciting plans. By putting your focus on happy thoughts instead of the camera, you’ll not only elevate everyone’s mood naturally, we’ll also capture the genuine smiles that show up your family’s faces. 

4. Express your love naturally:

Love is the heart of every family. What better way is there to document it than through the natural expressions of affection? Don’t hesitate to take these moments during your relaxed photoshoot to show your love. You don’t even have to wait for direction – hand-holding, hugs, kisses, and kind words are all appropriate and fair game. This act of expressing your love naturally not only adds warmth to your portraits but also creates lasting memories during the session of the love that holds your family together.

5. When it’s time to actually look at the camera, your photographer will tell you!

Please don’t worry about when to strike a pose or look directly at the camera during your relaxed photoshoot – your photographer has you covered. When the time comes for those classic shots, your photographer will communicate that with you. Until then, feel free to continue just being yourselves.

Relaxed photoshoot with young family by Lauren Widener Portraits.

About Lauren Widener Portraits

Lauren is a family photographer based in Spring, TX. She’s the mother of four daughters and therefore prides herself on being able to handle any amount of chaos a session might throw at her. She has a passion for food, family, and fun and can’t wait to meet you!

Spring Tx Photographer Lauren Widener Portraits

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