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Our Vision:

Cradle & Folk exists to celebrate the art of family photography. It is a passion project by Kelley Hoagland Photography, a family photographer in Chattanooga, TN. Due to not believing in the caricature of the “starving artist”, this site intentionally supports artist who use profitable pricing practices that ensure the stability and longevity of his/her business, and contribute to the elevation of the industry as a whole. 

How Cradle & Folk hopes to serve Families:

Cradle & Folk longs for potential clients who visit this site to walk away inspired to invest in the process of creating quality photography that will beautifully commemorate their family for years to come. The directory specifically exists to connect clients with local artists who can this service and help bring a vision to life!

“Displaying photos prominently in the home sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another, and we honor the memories we have experienced.”

-Cathy Lander-Goldberg, clinical social worker

Meet Kelley:

If I’m being honest, I hesitated to add this section because I don’t really want this site to be about me and what I’m doing!  It’s about all the photographers who participate in Cradle & Folk. After being asked *who* is behind Cradle & Folk, I thought I should give a little introduction!  

I’m a wife and mom to 3 girls.  I’m a “retired” pediatric occupational therapist, having transitioned to full time photography. Like many photographers, I fell into this art form after giving birth to my first child.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I completely failed to schedule a newborn photography session for my first daughter, who was born in the fall (all the family photographers know how insane the fall season is).  When I couldn’t find a photographer with availability, I decided to take the photos myself and quickly realized I had a lot to learn.  With my husband’s encouragement, I took a photography class at the local community college. When I began regularly photographing my children and posting images online, friends started asking for sessions, and my photography business was born.  I have learned so much about art, business, and family life over this journey and want to be a cheerleader for other photographers who are on this path!