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Denver Newborn Photographer: What to Expect During a Newborn Session

This article and images were contributed by Denver Newborn Photographer B Lauren Photography.

As a Denver newborn photographer, and mother of three, the most essential piece for success in this niche is the ability to be flexible. Newborns are unpredictable. I’m prepared to go over on time to allow for nursing breaks, blow outs or toddler fits. Wide awake babies are perfectly okay. Many infants have inconsistent skin as they adjust to this world. Newborn photographers prepare for all of these things!

Take a Deep Breath, Mama

As a new mom, I know you may feel tired, overwhelmed, and emotional. Avoid stressing or over-planning how you want the session to go. Rolling with the punches will result in a much more relaxed and enjoyable session for you. I know that’s easier said than done, right? Remember, you newborn photographer knows these tiny babies need a little extra patience. Your only job is to show up in a comfortable and pretty dress and love on that sweet baby.

Timing Your Newborn Photography Session Just Right

When I plan sessions with newborn clients, I typically recommend the parents message me when the baby arrives. Depending on your goal, newborn sessions can be time sensitive. If you are interested in those perfectly sleepy and swaddled portraits, then the younger the better. I recommend scheduling newborn sessions at around 14 days of life. If you prefer to feel more yourself and wait a little later, that’s okay too. A newborn session can still be captured at 3 months of life. In that stage, babies have more personality and show off their sweet character in all the best ways. Regardless or timing, you will cherish being able to document preciousness of these little moments, sweet tiny details, and most importantly your success in creating this beautiful life.

Denver Newborn Photographer Tips for the Day of the Session

Day-of session timing poses a bit more challenges when you have other kiddos to consider. To my toddler mamas, or moms with other kids that have specific schedules, plan the session around their happiest part of the day. Whether that’s first thing in the morning, or after nap time in the afternoon. We want them at their happiest.

I typically start with family portraits and photos of just the kids. These images are the hardest to capture. Older kids may be intrigued initially, then lose interest. We want them included and then relieved of their big sibling duty. After we complete family and children portraits, we move into individual shots of just the baby.

Newborns commonly require breaks and soothing throughout the session, especially if they are older of than 2 weeks. Make sure you have everything handy that you need for feeding breaks and diaper changes. If your baby uses a pacifier, have one or two ready for the session. Prepare a back-up wardrobe plan for possible spit up or diaper blow outs. Pull a back up outfit out so it’s ready to go.

Newborn Photography Natural Lighting

Of course, as photographers, we want to capture the essence of this new addition. Often mothers specifically want a few captures of their perfectly decorated nursery. My goal as a Denver Newborn Photographer is to provide the most beautiful, light, and love-filled classic images. I want to create images that will be enjoyed for decades to come. With full transparency, I discuss with my clients of how important light is for my sessions (both for film and digital). So even though we find a place in the home that has great natural light, it may not always be every desired room in the house. In-home sessions require some flexibility.

Trust me when I say your photographer wants this session to turn out just as special as you do. If you’re on the fence about booking a newborn session, I guarantee it will be the most memorable and meaningful purchases you have ever made for that sweet baby.

About Denver Newborn Photographer B Lauren Photography

Beth Hicks is a mother of three and the natural light photographer behind B Lauren Photography. You can view her Cradle & Folk profile here. Her passions include helping families create memories that will last a lifetime. She specializes in home sessions and picturesque locations around Denver, CO. Contact her about scheduling a photography session in Denver, CO.

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