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Phoenix Photoshoot Locations

This article and included images of Phoenix photoshoot locations were provided by Nichole Pach Photography.

The Phoenix area is so beautiful you could really just pull over anywhere and take photos. We are lucky enough to have a variety of mountains, cacti, trees, water, lush green areas (if you search hard enough!) and amazing wildflowers during the spring. As a passionate maternity and newborn photographer in Phoenix, I am sharing some of my favorite Phoenix photoshoot locations!

Salt River Maternity Session

Queen Creek Wash – Phoenix Photoshoot Locations

One of my favorite Phoenix photoshoot locations is Queen Creek Wash. This location is filled with tall trees that create a beautiful filter for the light, giving photos a soft and delicate look. This location is free to photograph at and nestled in a cute little neighborhood.

Salt River

Another great spot is the Salt River, where you can capture the unique combination of desert landscapes, flowing water, and majestic mountains in the background. The contrast of elements in this location makes for stunning and high-end photos. This location can be found off of the Bush Highway in the Tonto National Forest. Since it in the the National Forest, there is a parking fee of $7. There are so many beautiful spots to shoot at here. Phon D Sutton, Usery Moutain, Coons Bluff and Butcher Jones are a few of my favorites here.

MCC Rose Garden

If you’re looking for a more intimate and timeless setting, the MCC Rose Garden in Mesa is the perfect choice. With lush rose bushes in full bloom from late March to June, this location offers a pure and classic backdrop for your photo sessions. It can be found at the Mesa Community College campus. You do not have to pay or book to photographer here.

Nichole Pach Studio

And of course, my personal favorite Phoenix photoshoot location is my private studio. With white walls, a full wall window that lets in dreamy light, a cozy bed and couch, hand-painted canvases, and a variety of props, this studio provides a high-end and versatile setting for capturing beautiful moments. During the summer months when it is too hot, this is the perfect alternative to outdoors. Nichole Pach Studio is one of the few spaces available to rent out so that other photographers can create a stunning gallery in an intimate setting.

About Nichole Pach Photography

Nichole is a mother and “retired” nurse who provides newborn and family photography in Phoenix, Arizona. She specializes in creating timeless photographs and provides full artwork service to ensure her clients enjoy their portraits for years to come.

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