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Category: Planning a Newborn Session

May 15
When to Get Maternity Photos Done

Article and images about when to get maternity photos done contributed by St. Louis Maternity Photographer Sutherland Photography. A Season Worth Remembering When I was pregnant, I thought I would remember all the details. I thought I’d remember how I looked, how I felt, the anticipation. However, it is amazing how quickly I have forgotten. […]

Apr 24
Why You’ll Love An In Home Newborn Photography Session

This post about in home newborn photography session benefits and these images were contributed by Auburn, California Newborn Photographer Meg Hunter Photography. In home newborn sessions are personally my favorite sessions to capture. There is a calming and relaxed energy coursing throughout the home during a newborn session. As a mama of soon to be […]

Apr 10
Denver Newborn Photographer: What to Expect During a Newborn Session

This article and images were contributed by Denver Newborn Photographer B Lauren Photography. As a Denver newborn photographer, and mother of three, the most essential piece for success in this niche is the ability to be flexible. Newborns are unpredictable. I’m prepared to go over on time to allow for nursing breaks, blow outs or […]

Mar 14
DC Newborn Photographer Compares Studio vs In Home Photography Sessions

This article and the images included were contributed by DC Newborn Photographer Laura Nockett of Precious Little Sprinkles Photography. Welcoming a newborn into the family is a momentous occasion filled with joy, love, and countless precious memories just waiting to be captured. Certainly, one of the many decisions you will face when considering newborn photography […]

Mar 07
When Should Newborn Photos Be Taken?

Welcoming a newborn into your family (whether your first or your last) is an incredible gift filled with love, joy, excitement and a big list of to-dos. For many parents, on that list is scheduling a photo session to capture those tiny details and features before they change right before your eyes. “When should newborn […]