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Raleigh Family Photographer: What colors are best to wear for family photos?

This article and the included images were contributed by Raleigh family photographer Kelly Bullock Photography.

After you’ve chosen your photographer and made the decision to invest in photos for your family, choosing your family’s wardrobe is such a large part of preparing for your session. I hear so often from mamas that the process of deciding what to dress their family in is equally parts fun and stressful! There is so much to consider. Honestly, the options are endless! Once you’ve decided what type of clothing you want to wear (like a more laid back look with jeans and a nice sweater OR a dressier look like a delicate maxi dress), next you must decide what color. Certainly some colors photograph more beautifully than others. This is a really important consideration when deciding what to wear.

1) This Raleigh Family Photographer recommends choosing timeless colors.

I recommend choosing from a color palette of pastels. Specifically consider hues such as light gray, cream, white, pastel green, soft pink, soft blue or a light lavender. Choosing neutral and light colors creates a beautiful, cohesive clean look that is timeless. These hues compliment each other beautifully, which gives your wardrobe a cohesive look while maintaining a soft aesthetic. Indeed, this color palate is important specifically if you have hired a photographer with a light and airy aesthetic.

2) Add Layers and Textures

Adding in textures and layers into your neutral-colored clothing choices creates beautiful visual interest in your photos. Textures bring depth into images by adding dimension and breaking up any monotony. You can truly bring in textures and add in layers in a multitude of ways! Just think about the difference in texture between a plain white tee shirt and your favorite white knit sweater. The sweater offers so much more visually. Bringing in textures like this balances the composition and enhances your photos!

3) Keep the Focus On The Faces in the Portrait

A neutral-colored wardrobe allows the focus to be on what’s most important in your family photos – the love and connection between you and your family! Dark colors add visual contrast to your photos, which can be distracting to the eye. Certainly, sometimes dark colors are used to achieve a specific imagery and they can be used in a very intentional and beautiful way. However, generally speaking, dark colors and vibrant colors like red or orange, can distract the eye from focusing on the connection between your family.

4) Raleigh Family Photographer Explains How Colors Affect the Light in Images

How clothes interact with light is another aspect to consider. Dark colors absorb light. This is a really big deal for natural light in-home sessions, during which it’s crucial to maximize light. A soft color palette, especially white, allows light to reflect off of your clothing onto your face. This is not only flattering. It naturally brightens the portrait and can completely transforms the emotion conveyed in your images. You can literally feel the difference in an image with light versus dark clothing.

Furthermore, because light reflects off clothing, it’s especially important for moms and dads to wear light and neutral colored clothing for newborn photos. When you think about it, parents are holding their newest little one against their chest the majority of the session. Light bouncing off a light-colored shirt or dress will brighten your newborn baby’s face and balance out the shadows beautifully. It’s so flattering even for your little one!

Overall, it is so important that you stay true to yourself when choosing colors and wardrobe to wear for your family session. However, considering a soft neutral color palette for your wardrobe is elegant and timeless, allowing your clothes to complement each other is a beautiful, cohesive way. Yet, even as a Raleigh Family Photographer who loves a light, neutral style, I still encourage you not to get too caught up in what you wear for a photoshoot. Your wardrobe doesn’t define your family. Ultimately, family photos are a celebration of the love and connection you share with each other!

About Raleigh Family Photographer Kelly Bullock Photography

Raleigh Family Photographer Kelly Bullock is a family, maternity and newborn photographer. She specializes in preserving authentic, joyful memories of motherhood that are laced in the chaos. She provides a high-touch experience and heirloom-worthy artwork. Learn more about her services and view more of her work here.

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