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Top 3 Family-Friendly Photoshoot Locations in Savannah, Georgia

This article about Photoshoot Locations in Savannah, GA and the images were contributed by Savannah Photographer Courtney Cronin.

As spring blooms and summer beckons, Savannah Ga becomes a hot spot for travel and the city comes alive again with tourists and locals alike. For those seeking picturesque backdrops for their family photos, there is no other place comparable to Savannah, GA with its treasure trove of charm and no better time than Spring. From the historic cobblestone streets of Downtown, the casual shores of Tybee Island, and more off-the-beaten paths for Lowcountry magic, here’s a guide to the best family-friendly photoshoot locations in and around Savannah. 

Historic Downtown

Stepping into Historic Downtown is like stepping into a living postcard. With its cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and lush squares adorned with Spanish moss-draped trees, this area is honestly a photographer’s playground. Families can wander through their pick of 22 squares throughout the City. There are very popular ones that you’ll find not only photographers flock to, but other artists and creatives seeking inspiration or the picturesque scene. A quick Google search will state the go-to gathering locations are Forsyth Park with its large fountain and plentiful green space. Chippewa Square, also ranks highly and is famous for its cameo in the movie “Forrest Gump.” But any local can tell you, it’s worth traveling the route less walked when wanting to find a place to take family photos.

If you’re intent on Forsyth, I recommend parking nearby as close to the north of the park as possible. (It’s free around Forsyth!) Take a few photos there in the grassy areas next to the fountain and the long walk to the fountain, if you can dodge the tourists. Then, walk a few blocks north past Monterey Square – you’ll find yourself at the crossing of Jones Street and Bull Street- and there are plenty of beautiful historic homes with spiral staircases to give you that dreamy backdrop. If you’re open to a less famous square, check out Lafayette Square next to the Basilica of St John the Baptist off of Abercorn Street. You’ll find plenty of shade and a dreamy little fountain. Downtown is also lovely for family photos due to its proximity to PLENTY of cafes and shops with treats; an incentive for the littles to cooperate! Leopold’s Ice Cream is always a hit. For the last family photos I did for my own family, we went to Little Duck Diner afterward and enjoyed some waffles and brunch. 

Wormsloe Plantation

For a touch of Southern Charm and history, venture to Wormsloe Plantation (and stop by Auspicious Baking Co afterward!) While there is an entry fee, the majestic avenue lined with Live Oak trees is what filmmakers and photographers live for in a photoshoot location in Savannah. Families can wander the pathway. There’s usually a parking lot a little over halfway down the path on the right where you can stop and park in order to get photos of the pathway. Then keep driving to the main parking area, use your map, and explore! There are some really beautiful views of the Lowcountry, and if you’re lucky you can spot some crabs at low tide! Views, breeze, and shade; you couldn’t ask for more for family photos. And Wormsloe isn’t the only place to get the Lowcountry look, if you’re up for a drive around the islands surrounding Savannah Georgia. Look for parks on Google and you’ll usually find some with water views. These are the ones to go to for a less-populated area. 

North Tybee Island

One of the best things about Savannah, GA is how close it is to other locations that are not downtown, like Tybee Island. It has been lovingly nicknamed: “Savannah’s beach.” Tybee Island is a no-fuss, casual kind of island. It’s not very built-up like what you might find in New England or Florida. It’s worth noting here that NORTH Tybee Island is more family-friendly. There is parking available near the lighthouse, and (bonus!) after family photos you can take the kids to the Marine Science Center. It is right next to the parking lot. There’s plenty of space on the beach. It’s certainly a perfect place to capture candid photos because there’s nothing like the simple joy that is sparked from seeing the waves, sand, and occasional dolphin jump out of the water.

Timing for Photoshoot Locations in Savannah

It’s important to keep in mind for any location, but especially Savannah in Springtime, timing is everything! Families with young children may find that mornings are most optimal for photos. Not only does this help stave off tiredness and hunger that often plague little ones later in the day. It also allows families ample parking and access to these locations with fewer crowds. Plus, the softer morning light does tend to lend a magical quality to the photos, shimmering through the moss and trees. But more importantly, there are fewer people to navigate around or edit out if using these photoshoot locations in Savannah!

Whether you’re a local family or visiting Savannah for the first time, capturing memories against the backdrop of Savannah’s charm is something you will cherish. All the locations listed above provide an experience beyond just family photos; which is a bonus for any family with kiddos. From the historic streets of Downtown to the tranquil Lowcountry and fun shores of Tybee Island, the options for family-friendly photoshoots are as diverse as they are beautiful. 

About Savannah Photography Courtney Cronin

If you’re looking for a photographer for your Savannah family photos, check out Courtney Cronin, (@bycourtneycronin) who knows how to get those heartwarming family photos of giggles and play while staying true to the romantic and charming nature of Savannah, Georgia.

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