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West Georgia Photo Locations

These images and the article were contributed by Alabama Photographer Tiffany Nickle Photography.

Georgia and Alabama are two beautiful states, but finding good photoshoot locations in the area can be challenging. Growing up in North Carolina, I was used to the stunning coastal scenery, so moving to Alabama in 2020 was a shock. However, since then, I have explored the area extensively I have discovered two West Georgia photo locations that always come to mind when I’m looking for unique spots that feels different from typical Alabama scenery.

West Georgia Photo Locations: Providence Canyon State Park, Lumpkin, GA

Providence Canyon is known as the little Grand Canyon. It’s tucked away in Lumpkin, GA, right on the AL/GA state line. Lumpkin is just about 2 hours outside of Atlanta, GA, and 2 hours southeast of Montgomery, AL. When I think of dream locations, they usually always include somewhere out west, like the Red Rocks, Joshua Tree, or Sedona. So, until I can make my way west, this park scratches that itch! Providence Canyon has beautiful red, orange, and purple hues in the soil. These give such a fantastic pop of color and contrast. This is one of my favorite locations because it is so versatile and feels like you aren’t in Georgia or Alabama.

When planning a shoot here, I always plan to meet my clients about 2 hours before golden hour (the last hour before sunset). This is when we are going to want to make our hike down to the canyon floor. Keep in mind this hike down is steep, and the hike back up is sort of brutal. Keep that in mind if planning a session there and bring appropriate shoes. The canyon floor also constantly has water/mud, which only worsens after rain. Boots are a MUST for everyone until you reach the dryer areas. That being said, it is SO worth the hike down to the bottom of the canyon. There are so many different spots to choose from, with varying levels of shade and some direct sunlight depending on the time of day.

Providence Canyon is an excellent option for any time of the year. However, I prefer it in the summer when there is more greenery, allowing for beautiful filtered light in areas. This location is generally quiet, with a few hikers here and there. However, it can get pretty busy during the weekend, especially during spring and summer.

Once finishing the session at the bottom of the canyon, I typically make my way back up and drive closer to the park’s entrance to take advantage of the sunset from the top of the canyon, looking down. This is my favorite spot in the park, and you can easily do your whole shoot right at the top without making the hike down to the canyon floor should you not want to make the hike.

**There is a $5 cash-only parking fee and no other fees associated with shooting here. When pulling into the park, the parking for the hike down to the canyon floor is all the way at the end. (It’s a dead end, so when you hit it, you will know!) There are also bathrooms there!

West Georgia Photo Locations: Hills and Dales Estate, Lagrange, GA

If you’re looking for a stunning location with dreamy secret garden vibes for a photo shoot, Hills and Dales Estate in Lagrange, GA, is the perfect spot. This beautiful 1916 home is nestled amongst gorgeous gardens, and is located approximately an hour southwest of Atlanta and an hour and a half east of Montgomery, AL. The gardens and greenhouse are breathtaking, with something always in bloom throughout the year. You can even check their website for a bloom schedule to plan your visit accordingly.

However, keep in mind that there is a fee for professional photographers, with a charge of $125 during business hours and $300 for after-hours shoots (which fall during golden hour). If you only want to take advantage of the greenhouse, business hours are recommended. But, if you’re looking for that dreamy golden-hour light, after-hours is definitely worth the extra cost. The staff at Hills and Dales Estate are incredibly friendly and accommodating, making your experience even better.

If you’re not a professional photographer and just want to take photos for personal use, you’re welcome to do so at any time by purchasing a garden ticket.

About Tiffany Nickle Photography

Tiffany Nickle is a photographer based in Auburn, Alabama, but open to travel. She’s a wife and mother of three. Her style is unposed and organic. To learn more about working with Tiffany, click here. To find an expert family photographer in your area, view the Cradle & Folk Photographer Directory!

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