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When to Get Maternity Photos Done

Article and images about when to get maternity photos done contributed by St. Louis Maternity Photographer Sutherland Photography.

A Season Worth Remembering

When I was pregnant, I thought I would remember all the details. I thought I’d remember how I looked, how I felt, the anticipation. However, it is amazing how quickly I have forgotten. My youngest is five, so I should remember easily. I have one printed photograph of me pregnant with my third baby, but none with my other three. When I look at that one photo, it takes me back to that day and how my two older kids were so little and excited to meet their brother. I recall getting the nursery ready and more.

This is why I specialize in maternity and newborn photography now. I want all pregnant mamas to have their pregnant bellies up on their walls so they can remember those details. As a St. Louis Maternity Photographer, I want to give them this gift with each pregnancy.

When to Get Maternity Photos Done

Since you are here, you’ve probably already decided you want maternity photos. At the very least you are considering them, but maybe you are wondering when to get maternity photos done. 27 to 34 weeks is the ideal time to take maternity photos for a few reasons.

1. When You’ll Be Comfortable

27 to 34 weeks is ideal for maternity photos because your bump is the perfect size. Your baby is growing and your baby bump is pronounced and round. However, you haven’t hit the uncomfortable stage yet. You are easily able to move around to get gorgeous shots without getting too tired or achy.

2. Hopefully Plenty of Time Before the Baby Comes

In addition, some women also have their babies early. Choosing to have your maternity photos taken before 34 weeks helps ensure you won’t miss out on capturing this new adventure! Another thing to consider is your general situation. Is this your first baby? It may take longer for your baby bump to show. Therefore aim for the later end of this spectrum. Is this your third, but you usually carry small? You may want to aim for 30-34 weeks. Is this your fourth pregnancy and you have ten pound babies? Then 27 to 30 weeks may be ideal for you. But, rest assured, your photographer will be able to help you plan timing and make sure your photos show the beauty of pregnancy.

When Should You Get On Your Photographer’s Books?

So now that you know you want your maternity photos taken between 27 and 34 weeks, when should you actually book your session? I always recommend booking your maternity session around 20-24 weeks. This is especially important if you have a certain weekend in mind, would like to work with a certain photographer, or want to book hair and makeup. Photographers’ schedules fill up fast. My clients are always surprised by how early most people book these sessions and fill up photographers’ schedules. I personally try to fit in last minute inquiries. However, last minute scheduling does result in less planning time.

Even if you don’t fully realize it now, hiring a photographer to capture your maternity photos and hanging those photos on your wall is such a gift to yourself and your family for now and in the future. Take this as your sign to jump and schedule a session today!

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Maggie Sutherland is a family, newborn, and maternity photographer in St. Louis. She is also a mother of 4 children. She strives to give her clients an amazing, stylized experience. She assists with the entire planning process and offers and variety of photography heirlooms to ensure your portraits are enjoyed for decades to come!

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